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14 September 2004 @ 09:45 am
Sometimes, good things just take a little longer ;-)  
First of all, a few words of warning *g*:

Dear wanderers of wide open spaces of LJ, if you have no interest in the TV series Angel, the characters of Wesley and Lorne and intelligent, emotionally intense and poignant fan fiction that hits all the right notes, go away, continue your reading in some other place....

This entry is basically a combination of a story recommendation and a big, warm, smiling "Thank You" to selenak, who has finally managed to settle her months old debt and wrote the Wesley and Lorne are having a conversation vignette I once had daringly requested in return for a user icon that I provided *g*

Having read Last One Before Closing just this morning, I have to say that the outcome of Selena's efforts by far exceeded my expectations. And this, even though the story obviously does not fit with the pre-Smile Time setting I had originally asked for, but takes place at somewhat later point, Post-Origin, pre-Time Bomb.

For everybody who has not already stumbled across Last One Before Closing via selenak's LJ, here is a direct link to the "Lorsley":

It's fitting and sad, features a brief but absoluty brilliant mentioning of Lilah, and on top of all that manages to add a completely new layer to the events of Not Fade Away.
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(Anonymous) on November 28th, 2005 02:40 pm (UTC)
This is just a silly little test entry by Bimo.
Does the 'notify me' Option work or not?