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03 October 2004 @ 10:45 am
Fictional Dinners  
Number one sign that the claws of Real Life are holding you way too firmly at the moment:
Apparently there's a large Star Trek Convention only twenty car minutes away from the place where you live that has Patrick Stewart as an officially confirmed guest star. And you have to learn it from the newspaper.

Number two sign that the claws of Real Life are holding you way too firmly at the moment:
Knowing that there is a Con doesn't matter anyway, since you are glued to your writing desk, working on your stupid term paper about Joe Balzagette and the London Sewers.

But where there is room for a ten minute exercise in escapist fannish musings, there is still hope, I guess *g*

"Five fictional people I'd love to have dinner with", grabbed from selenak

1) Quantum Leap's Sam Beckett
Charming, intelligent, kind, good-natured, humourous, attentive. Lots of fun.

2) Special Agent Dale B. Cooper
Well, not really dinner. Rather coffee and donuts somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Deep philosophical conversations about the nature of evil, social values, and the question whether it is really possible for a Westerner to adopt a Buddhist set of ethics.

3) Major Charles Emmerson Winchester III from MASH
Okay, he's an unbearable snob. But a snob with style, who, one should add, is usually quite well-behaved when out with a lady. My utterly egoistic reason for putting up with Charles: Dinner and wine would probably be most exquisite. And maybe I could persuade him to take me to the Opera afterwards.

4)Joan Landers from the ancient Sci-Fi anime series Captain Future
Firm believer in gender equality that I am, I would love to convince Joan that her adored Captain is nothing but a chauvinist, slightly narcistic, naive little boy suffering from severe insecurities and several other psychological issues. Please, Joan, take my advice and switch over to Eszella Garnie instead. Eszella at least appears like a mature adult and contrary to the good Captain he also seems to realise and appreciate your qualities as an interstellar secret agent.

5) God, in any of his Joan of Arcadia incarnations.
Who could resist the idea of having dinner with God?
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Kathyh: Kathyh Methoskathyh on October 3rd, 2004 10:00 am (UTC)
That sounds as if it would be a very interesting evening. Charles Emmerson Winchester and Sam Beckett are about the only two people I can think of who might hold their own with God! I'd love to be a fly on the wall if not an active participant *g*.

Best of luck with the term paper.
Bimobimo on October 5th, 2004 08:26 am (UTC)
I'd love to be a fly on the wall if not an active participant *g*.

Feel invited to be my fictional guest *g*

Best of luck with the term paper.

Thanks :-)

(Though it's not really luck I need. Just a method to increase my actual writing output. The paper itself is turning out okay, I'm just too slow a writer and it takes me ages to get anything accomplished...)