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24 October 2004 @ 07:53 pm
Behind an LJ Cut...  
Some of you may already have spotted this one in cavendish 's journal, but I'd like to repost it since it's really delightful und deserves to be spread :-)

 Behind a Cut

Behind an lj cut a promise waits
A sunrise, maybe, maybe just a place
you've never been before, and it creates
a secret smile on an all too familiar face

Behind an lj cut in bleeding blue
a cry, yelled from a sleepless night
an accusation, so it seems, aimed right at you
with options blocked, without a chance
to set things right.

Some people, so they say, hide in this land
of "0"s and "1"s, of pseudonyms and user masks
while others share: a silly meme, a helping hand,
sometimes real friendships, sometimes stupid writing tasks.

And in the end that which is not life proves to be
Just as diverse and sometime more than free

Written by cavendish , a much better poet than I could ever be, at the request of kathyh.
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