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09 October 2005 @ 06:38 pm
Everything's brief - Brief London report, brief Doctor Who fanfic...  
Even from a few days' distance I'm  not really sure what amazed me most about the short trip to London. The fact that I indeed managed to see a certain well-known ex-Jedi live on stage, or the sheer multitude of great experiences cavendish and I tried to squeeze into what was probably a  too short period of time.

As a show Guys and Dolls is a definite winner. Charming plot, delightful tunes, breathtaking choreography, and above all an abolutely marvellous ensemble. Ham  House, the 17th century mansion we visited on our "day out" was equally impressive, though on a completely different level *g*

Oh, and let's not forget meeting up with vashtan . I only wish  the last day and our visit at the National Portrait Gallery had been less chaotic. Well, we can always try again, can't we? If you are reading this, just drop me line when you know more details about your stay in Essen. 

But now off to the brief Doctor Who story which has been mentioned in this posting's headline


Sometimes she wishes that he was messing things up on purpose. Her words would not leave such a droning echo in her mind that way. She knows she must have yelled at him for almost a minute. Accusing him, pouring her pent-up frustrations out like a bucket full of rainwater, right over his head.
"Tegan," the Doctor begins, but pauses and sighs. Outside the Tardis, the sky slowly changes from black into purple.
"I'm sorry, Doc. Lord knows that you've tried," she finally says. Hopefully a way of handing the olive branch without bending the truth too much. For as long as she can remember, Tegan Jovanka has always felt that lying was simply beneath her. No, she won't sink so low to tell the Doctor that it wasn't his fault they are lost. "Do you have any idea if the atmosphere is breathable?"
"According to the readings, it should be. Oxygen's slightly lower than on earth, but nothing to worry about, really."
"How low?"
"Imagine you are standing on top of Mount Townsend."
If Nyssa were still among them, he probably would have given the exact percentage.
"And you really trust the sensors?"
"Tegan, this is certainly no moment to discuss…"
She bites her lip, turns round on her heels. As she leaves the control room, she throws a quick glance over her shoulder. Out of the corner of her eyes, she can see the Doctor standing in front of the console, his arms still tighly folded across his chest.

Half an hour later, when a knock on her door makes her raise from her bed, there is little doubt that it's him and not Turlough. No, Turlough, the weasel would never knock like that, she assures herself; the sound is just too impatient, soft little knocks, quick and insisting. So Tegan shouts "Come in!" and the white door slides open. Relieved she notices that the Doctor's cheeks have regained their colour. In his hand he is holding a space helmet, stretching his arm as if he was offering her a bouquet of flowers.
"You were right to be so sceptical about the atmosphere," he says. "Care for a walk? Now that the sun is up, the rock formations look actually quite pretty."
Pushed aside by his enthusiasm lies the one admission Tegan would have wanted to hear and fears she will never get. How silly of me to keep trusting the sensor readings, when the Tardis apparently is out of her mind. All the Doctor had wanted was to take her to a Tennis game between young King Henry and some English noble, and now they were stranded on some dire planet as far from 16th century Earth as could possibly be.
She swallows. "A walk sounds just fine," she answers after a moment of hesitation.
Once she has closed the helmet's visor and taken her first steps outside, she too can feel the landscape's power. Greenish, coppery, oddly "Dover-esque" cliffs stretching against a now crimson sky.
"Thank you for making me see this," she says.
The Doctor just smiles.

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Vashtanvashtan on October 9th, 2005 09:02 pm (UTC)
Ich bin von Donnerstag bis Samstag auf der Messe, am Stand von Holistic Design. Ich rufe durch, wenn ich angekommen bin und mich sortiert habe. Es war noch gut stressig, und ich komme wohl morgen erst im Flugzeug zur Ruhe. :)
marquesate on November 6th, 2005 11:34 am (UTC)
Hello! My apologies because you don't know me and I willy-nilly comment in your joruanl, but I haven't heard from Vashtan since this day of your post, the 9th of October. Do you know anything? Did you meet up? I'm worried because I haven't heard anything at all and we are supposed to have or first Writer's Group weekend meeting next weekend at my place, but it's so dd not to have heard anything and I'm worried. Do you know if everything is OK with Vashtan? Thank you,and sory again that I bothered you.
Bimobimo on November 6th, 2005 12:10 pm (UTC)
No need to apologize. I know exactly how it feels to get a bit nervous over people's whereabouts :-)

As for Vashtan: I met her during my stay in London, and also about a week later, on October 14th, at the Essen game fair. On both occasions she was as vivacious and energetic as ever.

She told me her company was going to send her to Chicago for a 14 day trainee program, but unfortunately I don't remember the actual dates. So maybe she's just overseas at the moment.

Have you tried leaving a comment in her LJ or sending her a private e-mail?

If she doesn't respond to any attempts to contact her, the person most likely to know anything more specific about her whereabouts is probably frogspace.

I wish I could be more of a help. Good luck with the writer's group meeting! If you manage to contact Vashtan, deliver her my greetings ;-)