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17 October 2003 @ 11:09 am
Nibbling, Tasting....  
Waiting for a late delivery from Amazon.de, I've been nibbling poetry like an impatient restaurant visitor having a good time with just the appetizers while there is still no sight of the main course. Although the refined bits of carefully arranged words and images by no means satisfy my hunger for characters and plotlines, they are at least as delicious as they are entertaining.

Here is the poem that I played with this morning:


An old book on the poisons
of madness, a map
of forest monastries
a chronicle brought across
the sea of Sanskrit slokas.

I hold all these
but you have become
a ghost for me.

I hold only your shadow
since those days I drove
your nature away.

A falcon who became a coward.

I hold you the way astronomers
draw constellations for each other
in the markets of wisdom

placing shells
on a dark blanket
saying 'these
are the heavens'

calculating the movement
of the great stars.

(Michaal Ondaatje, Handwriting)
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Current Music: Sting, Mad About You
Cavendishcavendish on October 19th, 2003 10:29 am (UTC)
poetry - methaphysical and otherwise
Hi there!

Well, my comment on the poem got rather long ... so just go to my virtual place (cavendish's secret laboratory) and have a look :-)