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What happens when Cavendish invites a bunch of colleagues for a small belated Burns Night Dinner ;)

2nd and 3rd course provided by us, extremely delicious lentil soup, amazing cheese and wonderful dessert by above mentioned colleagues…

Btw., never having tried anything like this before I was at first super skeptical about the Whisky-Cured Salmon. (Essentially fresh Salmon generously covered with a mixture of casting sugar and salt and then drowned in a larger amount of Whisky.) Turned out  I need not have worried, because twenty-four hours in our fridge rendered the fish as tender and aromatic as could be. Perfect texture and taste!

1st course
Soup of the Day

Toast to the Lassies

2nd course
Whisky-Cured Salmon with Beetroot Dressing and Oatcakes

Address to a Haggis

3rd course
Haggis with Mashed Pumpkin, Mixed Vegetables and Colcannon at the Side

The Corries: Oh Flower of Scotland

4th course
A Selection of fine Scottish Cheese

Sing Along: Will You Go, Lassie Go?

5th course
Surprise Dessert

Sing Along

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