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09 July 2006 @ 10:37 am
Stuff That Rocks (A Rather Odd Meta-Squee Related to Soccer)  
Yeah, I know...

It's been a couple of days since astrogirl2 made her Happy Post in which she asked people to share their happy, inspiring experiences with fandom. But while the LJ 'verse moves fast and I'm more than just a little bit late to the party, I'd like to add my own exclamation of happiness to the grander collective squee.

(Never mind that I'm usually not too fond of collectives.)

One of the things I truly adore about fandom: It knows exactly how it feels to be passionate, how to be enthusiastic, involved and pro-active. How to creatively express itself, its thoughts and its feelings.

In the ideal case, this passion and articulatory skills also show in other aspects of life. The really grand and important, sometimes maddening stuff; issues which matter so much more than how we might feel about certain TV shows, books, and the arts.

Someone made a fan vid about our national soccer team.

Not that fandom actually counts that much. Not that the World Championship counts that much, not that the German soccer team counts that much in the universal scheme of things.

But what counts is the following: People's ability to be happy and relaxed and to share the joy without asking where you come from (culturally and geographically), or if you eventually happened to root for the Italian team during the previous match.

The private company who runs our regional train line had all their trains equipped with the national flags of all the participating countries.

Yesterday evening, shortly before the match, when I bought some food at our local chinese takeaway I found the Chinese guy who runs the place in front of a TV, sitting there happily united with a handful of German customers. All of them laughing and chatting and waiting for the game to begin.

In the stadion, German audiences not only cheered for Oliver Kahn, but also for the Portugese Figo, the other grand old veteran giving his final performance that evening.

And if that's not squee-worthy, I don't know what is...
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