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12 February 2007 @ 09:10 am
I've started tagging my entries, hoping that the categories will allow an easier access to some of the older stuff; stories, drawings and musings. Methinks, the keyword cloud on the right with the various categories appearing in different sizes makes an interesting mind map. Never thought I had posted so many drawings over the years. Also, I've always believed my fannish attention would be more equally distributed, but apparently interest and creativity seem to focus on Doctor Who and PotC (a fact, which even the still untagged bits about AtS, Farscape and Highlander are not going to change).

Other things that sprung into my eye while categorizing old entries: I should do more book reviews and whine less about my about my own writing, as my output may be low but otherwise perfectly fine. Oh, and strangely enough I seldom talk about what I am currently watching or reading. So, for now:

Telly: Life on Mars, This Life, and really enjoying both shows. A bit uncharacteristic for my usual tastes and behavioural patterns, I'm slowly turning into a Gene fan, and am nursing strong shippy feelings for Miles/Anna.

Reading: Barry Unsworth, The Hide, which started out slow and uninteresting, but is currently picking up speed.
Current Mood: rushedrushed