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15 February 2007 @ 09:43 pm
Living Next Door to Hohlbein  

Probably this will only amuse the handful of people who know exactly what I am speaking of ( hi cavendish, vashtan, hianja and aislingde, I'm looking at you, guys *g*).

But, good grief! I just read in the newspaper that writer Wolfgang Hohlbein (who's rather famous here in Germany for his not too brilliant, but popular fantasy novels), grew up in the very same Rhineland village as I did, then spent most of the 1980s in the tiny Rhineland city where I'm living now, and currently resides in the small town right next to the city in where I'm living now.

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Cavendishcavendish on February 16th, 2007 07:36 pm (UTC)
Hey, let's pay him a visit, shall we? ;-))

Oh, and by the way, the Neil young movie was really enjoyable. Funny enough, country style concert movie from start to beginning, with Emmylou Harris as one of the Background singers :-).

Recorded live in Memphis, this is quite fitting, isn't it, and to see the old man life was in parts really moving.

So see you (or telephone you) tomorrow. I've decided to spend the rest of the evening reading and then going to bed early :-)

Have a nice creative evening :-)