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01 June 2007 @ 06:08 pm
PotC Starter Set: Story Recommendations Needed  

To help AWE newcomers find their way into the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, fabu is currently compiling an addendum to her original starter set of Potc fanfic recs, and is therefore specifically looking for "suggestions of stories that will be accessible to new folks who aren't necessarily familiar with fanon or other fandom specific information".

Having entered PotC just last summer, right at the height of the grand DMC inrush, I've found the original list one of the warmest and most useful introductions to a new fandom that I have ever received.The benefit I've drawn from it, both as a reader and as a fan seeking out conversation with other fans, was immensely.

Thus, I'd very much like the new wave of people entering the fandom to share the very same positive experience that I've had. If you've got any favourite stories meeting the "suitable for newbies, no previous fanon knowledge required" criteria, hop over to fabu's and share them :-)

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