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04 August 2007 @ 10:51 am
Virtual Dust, Virtual Traces  

I've been involved in online fandom long enough to remember what it was like, back in the days when you had little but a handful of mailing lists and a few, homemade fan pages fueled by love for the source material, not flawless web design and HTML.

The first mailing list I ever joined was the German Emergency Room list, still run on an obscure little provider named Coollist at that point in time.

Usenet groups were still great places to hang out and lurk. In 1998, when I created what was essentially one of the first multi-fandom archives for stories written in German, it still made sense to announce the birth of a page on these things.

Grand English and American archives felt like paradise. Highlander's "Seventh Dimension", built by the amazing Ann Fountain? The Library of Dreams.

selenak, upon whom I stumbled there (my attention being captured by the fact that her writing was good and her mail address looking suspiciously German) later forwarded me the works of katallison and other outstanding authors in private.

I guess, my ideas how rich and diverse well-written, serious fanfic can be, were shaped just right there. Authors I still remember for their breathtaking Star Wars fiction, have since made the giant step from amateur to professional publishing.

Don't get me started on how much I had to restrain myself sometimes on posting boards, when I learned that I loved, wrote and defended nothing but boring, old, low-rated Gen.

Even if I tried to go back and have a look at these conversations now, out of safe distance, I possibly couldn't, for those mighty boards have long ceased to be.

It's my phobia of social dynamics online, that stayed, though, and also partly bled into how, where and with whom I have conversations on LJ.

Still I, too, apparently cannot escape from the fact that I am a social animal and usually quite fond of company. While I might look at the universal force that is metafandom with an odd feeling of awe, fascination and horror, I greatly enjoy the daily background noise of my f-list. People and stories, icons and infos, even a bit of "meta" once in a while. The occasional chat about serious and not so serious topics, you know.

Too early to say whether or when "fandom on LJ" might or might not implode, disappear, relocate to apparently greener pastures. But whatever happens, I'll try to leave clearly visible notes for anyone who wants to find me.

When the last major LJ black out took place, I used the LJ-free time to create a back up account over at GJ, hoping I would never need it for anything more than a few friendly chats while the "real thing" is down. Somehow I still continue to nurse that particular hope, out of sheer laziness and in spite of latest events.

But in case of any significant changes:

Hi there, over at Greatestjournal I'm bimo_gj.
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