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20 October 2007 @ 03:14 pm
So I am on dial-up and just briefly peeking into LJ...  
Broadband DSL-Modem: Fine, all lights blinking just as they should.

Router: Running perfectly. All settings correct. Connection can be separated and re-established without any trouble.

Programs reliant on functioning internet connection, but working independently from Windows: Running as fine as ever.

So broadband is definitely there and yet Windows/browsers/e-mail are blocked from talking to it.

Any ideas which diagnosis might fit internet troubles like that? Calling the support line of our much adored low cost provider will only lead straight into eternal waiting queue hell and is therefore not really an option.

ETA: Located and eradicated the source of my connection problems. A Trojan, of all things floating around in the web... *sigh*
Current Mood: frustratedGrrr! Argh!