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15 January 2008 @ 02:08 pm
Writer's Desk Meme...  

Because having a look at the writing desks of joyful_molly and others made me want to share mine as well ...

My corner of the office room that we've set up in the house of cavendish's late granny. Still somewhat improvised and without proper bookshelves...

Last minute cleaning ensues...

Ah, better :-)

Current Mood: sillysilly
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Bimo: Mug_collectorsbimo on January 16th, 2008 01:14 pm (UTC)
And you have a bureau as well. *Sigh* suddenly I have desk envy :)

The bureau sort of came with the room. Not exactly the prettiest or most well-crafted piece of furniture (see inserted support beam ;-)), but you've no idea how glad I am to have it as an additional writing desk.

Until the recent move, I never realized how much I actually care about space and the kind of surrounding I work in.