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25 May 2008 @ 08:59 am
As old fannish flames seldom die...  
it was only a matter of days until I headed off, cavendish in tow, to see Indy IV ...

Very much like its predecessors, the new Indy seems the kind of movie that begs to be watched in a traditional movie palace, a place with red velvet curtains, a balcony and at a good few decades of history under its belt.  There's a certain old-fashionedness about it, probably because Spielberg, for large parts, kept to the same (1930s serial) adventure formula that has been a key element of all three previous films.

Even though the teaser sequence has been modified and the famous opening credits/theme tune left out, there's little doubt you're watching a "real" Indy as soon as Harrison Ford appears on screen. Lots of homages and lots of references. (Marcus Brody and Henry Jones Sr. several times, but where on earth was the tribute to Sallah?)

As far as dramaturgy and the depiction of adversaries are concerned Kingdom of the Crystal Skull shows both the typical strengths and weaknesses. Oh yes, and also that certain delight in death scenes which are hovering somewhere in the realm between fascinating, scary and rather repulsive. No Indy without insects and snakes, fantastic chases and crypts, apparently. Strangely enough, for me it's always been the crypts which creep me out, and never the local fauna. ;-)

The one horror element that struck me as somewhat out of place, was the atom bomb detonation, mostly because of the real life nightmares connected with such strong images. However I can't deny there's a certain logic to incorporating the bomb test into the plot, since it suits the 1950s atmosphere and historic events just as well as the book burnings of Indy III did suit the 1930s.

Things that made my old fannish heart feel quite warm and fuzzy:
  • Marion
  • Indy's new dean played by Jim Broadbent
  • swarm intelligent alien archeologists. You know when you're watching a movie by Spielberg...

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Molly Joyful: criticjoyful_molly on May 26th, 2008 02:07 pm (UTC)
We've seen it on Saturday, and I absolutely loved it! There was so much self-irony in there and sarcasm, little insider jokes to squee about and tons of popcorn moments. Pure entertainment, we had a great time! And yes, yay for Marion! :-D

I don't quite get the Shia-hype, but then I'm probably the wrong target group.

As for the bomb test - I think this was one of the insider jokes. I know I've seen this scene before, but I can't remember where. Maybe it's been an episode of "Twilight Zone"?