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02 June 2011 @ 07:37 am
State of the Star Trek Rewatch  
Leaving Voyager behind us, we've now progressed to the first season of ST:Enterprise, the read headed stepchild of the grand, mighty ST family.

I can't help myself, I still do love that show (well at least seasons 1 and 4) quite a bit, its sense of adventure and exploration, the touch of history and nostalgia it conveyed. Oh, and the characters.

During Enterprise' s original run, I viewed each of the episodes just about once and didn't read any fan fiction, because, at that time, I couldn't find the kind of stories I was interested in. You know, political intrigue on Andoria, non-shippy Reed, Phlox-centric stories, stories that make sense of Archer... that sort of stuff...

And now, watching the first few episodes of season 1 has put me back into full squeeing mode.

Life as a fan can be weird, sometimes.
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