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06 September 2011 @ 02:44 pm
Hebridean Pic Spam!  

Ladies and gentlemen, as promised I hereby present our Hebridean picture spam (which is really just a small portion of all the pictures Cavendish has taken with his shiny new camera :-)

Fly me to the isles... The "airport" on Barra

Kisimul Castle - the home of the Mc Neils of Barra

Typical traffic situation on the Hebrides

Beach at Vatersay ... one of the _small_ beaches there ;-)

"Don't pay the ferryman" ;-)

South Uist

Hebridean post office on South Uist

Tobha Mor - Thatched Cottage

Looking for a new house to renovate? Get rid of the sheep first. Derelict house on South Uist

Wild ponies

close encounter with the stoneage - Stone circle on North Uist

This is not Europe...

No, this picture has not been photoshopped, I swear ;-) Beach on Harris

Look, we've found the perfect B&B

St.Clements Church - ancient burial place of the McLeods (not kidding ;-) )

My mother in law said I'd look like a "native" ;-)

this is so (!!!) cold

Forget Stonhenge - Visit Callanish standing stones - for free ;-)

Black House museum on Lewis ...

... inhabited the way it looks today until 1961




Stornoway: Almost a buzzing metropolis *g*

as you can see ;-)

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Kathyhkathyh on September 6th, 2011 01:43 pm (UTC)
Wow! What fabulous photos. I've only been to the Inner Hebrides (i.e. Skye and Mull) and the landscape is much more like the mainland of Scotland than this amazing bleakness. I love the way you've caught the wonderful variations in the light. Beautiful!

Brave of cavendish to go in the sea! I'm betting it was cold! Love your hat :)

Many, many thanks for sharing these.
Bimo: Fivey_Adric_Tardisbimo on September 7th, 2011 06:49 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed the photos! Pictures like these are one of the privileges that come from traveling with Cavendish. Personally I couldn't photograph myself out of a paper bag... ;-)

As for the hat: Bought in the Canadian Rockies under similar weather conditions back in 1994. Packing it was a spontaneous last minute decision, but once we were on the Hebrides I was extremely glad that I had it with me.
me: :(surexit on September 6th, 2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
Linked by [personal profile] selenak: my family has a cottage on Tiree, and I am currently living in Japan and have not been this summer as I should have done, and oh, I can't really describe how much this picspam makes my heart hurt.

(Less mournfully: I am a South Uist fan, it is one of the nicest of the islands-which-are-not-Tiree.)
Cavendishcavendish on September 6th, 2011 04:44 pm (UTC)
My heart is ...
Now this in turn wants me to get to know Tiree where I have not been as yet. Looks so beautiful (just searched the internet a bit ;-) )

Thanks for the comment :-)
me: gleeful but also ice-coolsurexit on September 8th, 2011 01:31 pm (UTC)
Re: My heart is ...
Tiree is the most beautiful place in the entire world, no lie. :)
Bimo: Terra_incognitabimo on September 7th, 2011 06:38 am (UTC)
Less mournfully: I am a South Uist fan, it is one of the nicest of the islands-which-are-not-Tiree

When we arrived on South Uist we found it very surprising that so many people seem to consider it the "drive-through island" for whatever reason. I mean, it's such an amazing place, the beaches, the hills and this very unique flair that it has. Not like a picture postcard (as Harris), but rather a real place filled with real people and real if sometimes bleak and painful history.
mesurexit on September 8th, 2011 01:37 pm (UTC)
I have never heard it considered that! But I don't... I don't know, I don't talk to Hebridean 'tourists' much, if you know what I mean? I am obviously not a Hebridean, but my family are long-term cottage owners rather than renters/hotel stayers/campers, and there are different patterns of where we go and who we talk to when compared to the more recent visitors.

This is not meant snobbishly, just observationally! I should talk to more people on Tiree and in Oban, etc.
Whoniversal aunt.pontisbright on September 6th, 2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
Oh, yay, Callanish! Have to say I'm not the greatest fan of Lewis (there's only so much bleak I can handle) but Callanish makes eating the worst curry of my life in Stornoway all worth it. Gorgeous photos!
Cavendishcavendish on September 6th, 2011 06:10 pm (UTC)
If you think Lewis "bleak" never ever go to South Uist ;-).

(Which I liked very much, don't get me wrong ;-) )
Bimo: DRD_bewarebimo on September 7th, 2011 06:24 am (UTC)
but Callanish makes eating the worst curry of my life in Stornoway all worth it

I can easily imagine! :-)

Oh, and about eating out on the Hebrides: If there's one thing we noticed on our round trip it is that getting fed properly was not half as easy as it would have been on the mainland. There were quite a few days on which the best (and sometimes only) source for a reasonable evening meal was the local Co-Op...
Vashtanvashtan on September 6th, 2011 07:57 pm (UTC)
Looks like you guys had fun. ;)
Bimo: Terra_incognitabimo on September 7th, 2011 06:04 am (UTC)
Absolutely! :-)

I think last time that I felt as smitten and inspired by a landscape was back in 1994, on the round trip through the Canadian Rockies I had gotten as a graduation gift from my parents.