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05 October 2011 @ 04:34 pm
In which I fail at Multiverse *sigh*  
You know, some months ago, when the Multiverse ficathon was announced, I chose that really nice sounding prompt involving both Rory Williams (Doctor Who) and TNG's very own Lt. Commander Data debating the experience of being plastic.

Yup, I can write that, I thought. Turned out both characters strictly refused to get into talking. Or maybe the problem is just that my brain is currently still high on Farscape. Cavendish and I have reached season 4 by now, btw.

So, one week after the official submission deadline, it appears I'm stuck with a poor excuse of a 500 word mini vignette in desperate need of some proof-reading. Even if it's too late by now I would like to deliver at least something...

Any volunteers willing to give it a quick check?

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