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27 January 2012 @ 08:57 am
Throw out the Old, Bring in the New!  
Some of you might already know Cavendish and I ordered ourselves a shiny new kitchen, back in November. Massive wooden cabinets made from alder wood, and a counter top made from thermally treated beech. Ceramic sink, state of the art LED cupboard lights. Quite luxurious and fancy, but, aw, well... We worked, we saved, we waited.

One could say, it was about time. ;)

Our old kitchen, a bright yellow quality product bought by Cavendish's grandma during the late 1970s, has served the inhabitants of this house well for over 34 years. If there were such a thing as a furniture hall of fame for well-used and durable things, you'd surely find a picture of this yellow old kitchen there, together with a little commemorative plaque.

It has only been for the last couple of years that this kitchen truly started to show signs of age. Crumbling chipboards, malfunctioning drawers. You get the picture. A couple of weeks ago, when all I wanted was to take out a spoon from one of the drawers, I suddenly held the drawer's entire front in my hand.

So, yes, about time. Also, I suspect that I tended to use this kitchen more intensively than any of the previous inhabitants ever did. Countless dinners and lunches, traditional German dishes, Italian, Thai. Weird experimental cooking. My occasional misguided attempts at baking a cake which doesn't owe all its ingredients to "Dr. Oetker", the ultimate German cake mixture manufacturer. (I'm a fairly competent cook, but couldn't make a proper cake from scratch if my life depended on it.)

It feels rather strange to go into that trusty old kitchen now, not in order to prepare a meal, but to empty all its cupboards and drawers, and to stuff everything into huge boxes.

But, yay, the new kitchen is coming next Tuesday. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that!


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Kathyhkathyh on January 27th, 2012 09:36 am (UTC)
Yay! New kitchen! Oh how I know that feeling, though our "new" kitchen is now 15 years old.

I suddenly held the drawer's entire front in my hand

That's what's happening in my mother's kitchen, which is about the same age, at the moment. Most of her drawers are on the kitchen surfaces now as they've fallen to bits.

Having experienced a new kitchen being fitted the one thing I will say is do be prepared for a few dramas along the way. I'm not saying any more than that :) Just in case I've alarmed you, it was all worth it. Yay, new kitchen!