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09 March 2012 @ 09:51 am
Sometimes I feel like I'm 17 all over again...  
Friends, readers, countrywomen...

still remember the early pre-internet 1990s when getting hold of certain interviews, articles and tv features was incredibly hard for the interested but unfortunately German-based viewer? A time where failing to record a show on your VHS meant that you probably had lost all chances of viewing said show unless you were really incredibly lucky and there was a re-run, or you happened to stumble across a kindred soul who had taped just the thing that you'd missed and was willing to share? Thus, when I was 17 I used to write very polite inquiries to German broadcasting stations, a lot. Would there be a re-run of X? Or was there any chance to perhaps acquire a copy of Y on VHS for a certain fee? Lucky for me, the necessity for writing those letters of inquiry lessened considerably over the years, mostly thanks to the emergence of the internet and all the wonderful possibilities and networking opportunities which it offered. If you are reading this, you probably know what I'm talking about *g*

But, guess what I just did only a couple of minutes ago... Yup. Wrote another one of those damned inquiries, at least in advance, as one tends to be more well-informed and organised with increasing age.

Recipient: ZDFKultur, a more culturally oriented sub branch of the ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, one of our main public-service television broadcasters). Unfortunately only available via satellite and cable, which I cannot receive for technical reasons.

The show in question: Abgeschminkt, 22./23.03. 2012, a brief documentary about German actor/artist/musician Robert Gwisdek, son of actors Corinna Harfouch and Michael Gwisdek.

Why would I possibly be interested in viewing this? : Well, Robert Gwisdek is interesting. Rather promising, highly talented actor, and judging by his interviews and music projects apparently also equipped with a very well-functioning brain. When Gwisdek's not busy acting, traveling or doing something entirely else, he is making something (under the pseud of KÄPTN PENG), that can only be described as inhabiting the borderland between "a type of music usually so not my cup of tea that I don't even know its proper name" and bloody brilliant, bizarre performance art video installations with rather unique lyrics.

Kreisfilm, Shaban & Käptn Peng on Youtube

One of my favourites:

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