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27 May 2012 @ 08:03 am
Moonrise Kingdom  
Cavendish and I went to see Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom on Friday, mostly attracted by the movie's hugely impressive cast list including such illustrious names as Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton, but with very little to no idea what else to expect.

As it turned out, we might have easily seen one of the finest and intriguing films of 2012. While its basic plotline doesn't account  to much more than "Sometime in the mid-1960s, two smitten-with-each-other teenagers on a small New England island run away together while the involved parents and other rescuing parties aren't exactly amused", Moonrise Kingdom presents its viewers with a fascinating microcosm of the surreal and the hilarious, managing to touch upon the light and the funny as well as the sad, touching and sincere.

This almost incredible mixture of poignant and fluff is in large parts carried by a breathtaking script, great imagery, and yes, actors who just know how to highlight their characters' more comic aspects as well as a rather rare sense of personal dignity.

If you should have the opportunity to see this movie while it still runs in theatres, go, see it!

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