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25 January 2013 @ 05:19 pm
Late Enchantments  
As it turns out, my first post of 2013 is little more than a brief note regarding the stuff you discover via fandom.

B5 story recommendation spotted in [personal profile] andraste 's journal  =>

My Late Enchantments Still in Brilliant Colors Shine by Icepixie
"There's no way you could've gotten a pilot's license without realizing 'Equal parts wonder, delight, terror, and whimsy' does not constitute a cargo manifest." Susan Ivanova runs into a technomage.  =>

Sonnets of Edna St. Vincent Millay

From Mine the Harvest



Those hours when happy hours were my estate, —
Entailed, as proper, for the next in line,
Yet mine the harvest, and the title mine —
Those acres, fertile, and the furrows straight,
From which the lark would rise — all of my late
Enchantments, still, in brilliant colours, shine,
But striped with black, the tulip, lawn and vine,
Like gardens looked at through an iron gate.
Yet not as one who never sojourned there
I view the lovely segment of a past
I lived with all my senses, well aware
That this was perfect, and it would not last:
I smell the flower, though vacuum-still the air;
I feel its texture, though the gate is fast.


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