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05 September 2013 @ 01:19 pm
Exeter - St. Ives - London (2)  

Only a bus trip away from St. Ives: A head gear at the Geevor tin mine, which didn't close as a working mine until 1990 and now serves as a preserved mining site and museum.

Coats, helmets, cooking equipment. When the mine finally closed down in 1990, there was still so much metal left in the ground that workers, on their last day, as a sign of protest, left everything just as they always had done, hoping that someday they would return.

Close encounter of the mooing kind. On the field path from Zennor back to St. Ives. Roughly five miles of fields, farms and trees. In our guidebook it was stated that the coastal path would be more scenic, but also more demanding, so Cavendish and I opted for the easier alternative.

To boldly go where no cow will follow. I think we must have climbed about a dozen cattle grids on that walk.

Farmhouse, still in use.

Farmhouse, long abandoned.

A roof of trees.

Back in St. Ives. Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden. After Hepworth's sudden death in 1975, her workshop was virtually left untouched.

Photograph taken for obvious reasons ;-)

London. Staying in a hotel near Marble Arch, we walked past this grazing horse every day.

In a Station of the Metro, The apparition of these faces in the crowd, Petals on a wet, black bough...

The Eye. We've been wanting to this for years, and now we've finally managed. Perfect weather conditions, tickets booked online one day in advance. 10.00 am ride, which involves considerable less queueing than the later ones. Yeah!

Waiting queue for the later rides.

Walking down the Thames. From the Eye to St. Paul's.

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Kathyhkathyh on September 5th, 2013 02:14 pm (UTC)
Really lovely photos. That's a sad shot of the miners' coats waiting for their return and I love the roof of trees. It looks as if the Ents have invaded :)

Glad you had such a good day for the Eye. Some buildings look quite different from the air. When I went on it with my parents we spent ages trying to identify a building that turned out to be the British Museum!

Many thanks for sharing :)