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13 October 2013 @ 05:11 pm

Together with a friend of ours, Cavendish and I went to see Gravity at a nearby multiplex last Friday, 3D, original language version. Spectacular zero g effects, engaging story. Also, the way in which this movie conveys the vastness of space is clearly a thing of awe-inspiring beauty.

However, I must say that I understand the people who loved and enjoyed this movie as much as the people who have dismissed it.


My main issues mostly lie with Gravity's script. Personally,  I would have preferred the disasters and tasks that Ryan has got to face to be fewer but more realistic, the tension to be more focused and carefully built up over a prolonged amount of time instead of one catastrophic event chaising the other. No wonder, the quiet, slower paced scenes on board the Chinese station in which Ryan slowly gives in to hopelessness were among my favourite moments.

Another point which isn't really criticism, but more or less just an observation (I'm sure, I can't be the only one who has noticed this): Gravity possesses an incredibly traditional plot pattern and thus almost feels like a classic fantasy hero's journey transferred into space, all complete whith reluctant heroine slowly living up to the situation, mentor's death and mentor's later return at a most crucial moment. 

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