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22 September 2003 @ 11:44 am
Old Flames  
After spending the better part of yesterday's evening browsing through the various fandom related icon communities of Livejournal.com I felt like the proverbial kid in the candy store. Lots of sweets, lots of pretties, but nothing seemed right...

So I finally retreated to the more familiar drawers of my own hard disc (which, apart from approximately five zillions of Ewan McGregor pics also contains various fannish stuff *g*) and came up with this one. Coop. Everybody's favourite mystery-obsessed FBI Agent before the day that other guy entered the screen...

Though I was practically born into fandom (my Dad is an even bigger genre fan than me) and enjoyed many a series, ranging from classic Star Trek to Quantum Leap, Twin Peaks was the first one I ever loved with all my heart for all its eccentricity and its dark, surrealistic beauty. The shocking perfection of its ending.

Despite the wavering quality of its second season, Twin Peaks seems one those few shows which have managed to come full circle. Besides the bitter irony, there is also a certain tragic quality about Cooper's fate. He sets out as boyscout traveling the netherworld, interested in darkness but yet incorrupted, and falls not because of the temptations of evil but because of his pure, innocent love for a woman.

May your soul find peace, Coop. Wherever you are.
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Selena: JohnRygelselenak on September 22nd, 2003 09:52 am (UTC)
He's still my favourite mystery-obsessed FBI agent.*g*
But then I only flirted with the X-Files at its peak and fell for Twin Peaks completely. (Though I am, see a recent lj entry, heretic enough to rate American Gothic above TP as a show.)

And yes, the splendidly mean ending was pure genius. Incidentally, I always theorised that if you take the "20 years later" scene from the "movie" version of the pilot together with one of Laura's visions in Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me - means Cooper's soul will become free 20 years after the show's end.
Hmpfhmpf on October 12th, 2003 04:56 pm (UTC)
My first fandom was Twin Peaks, too! I didn't know that was what it was, then - only became an active and *aware* fan with my Methos obsession, years and years later - but Twin Peaks was the first obsession. Collecting newspaper clippings. Buying the book. Yes, I was a fan, although I hated the term, then.

Oh, and the ending. How it broke my poor little unprepared teenage heart. For months afterwards, I would write mindfic (that is, tell stories in my mind, fan fiction, although I did not know such a thing existed and would never have dared to write it down) in which I would try to save Cooper's soul. Oh, not his life - I was never one for unrealistic happy endings - just his soul. I killed him so many times, mercifully, in those months...

Damn, that hurt, Mr. Lynch. But, well done.