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08 January 2016 @ 12:40 pm
So on and on it will always be, true love, true love...  
Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away the good old "Name your top five OTPs" meme is making the rounds again. And as I've always wondered how I might answer this particular challenge, I thought, well let's give it a try.

My OTPs, though, might not be “true pairings” in the classical sense. While there are certainly quite a few canon and fanon relationships that I fancy, I’m afraid I’ve never been enough of a shipper to make the OPT concept work for me ;-)). Therefore I’d rather list my current top five cases of a broader, more abstract type of love, the kind that drives, nurtures and consoles people, or just defines a major part of their very essence:

Obi-Wan Kenobi/ The Force
Malcolm Reynolds/ Serenity (and the things that she represents)
Londo Mollari / Centauri Prime
Gaius Baltar/ Survival (a study in irony and absurdness)
Killian Jones/ the Sea

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