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13 January 2016 @ 02:42 pm
OuaT: Killian Jones, Change and the Sea  
Nothing fully formed, just a bunch of thoughts and topoi aimlessly roaming around in my head. So, let’s attempt to give them some shape:

Young Killian Jones, a child terrified not to be on solid ground during a storm. Abandoned at high sea and sold into servitude by the father he trusted. A boy with all the reasons in the world to despise maritime life. To forever hate every shifting plank of wood under his feet, every drop of salt water on his skin, every command, every sound, every horizon.

And yet, at one point, the sea must have turned from the most brutal, terrifying, treacherous force in Killian’s life into the most calming, most steadying one.

He changed, was changed by the sea. His fortunes changed. (Or did he change his fortunes?)

Education, position, rank. Granted to him. Achieved. Fought for.
The idealistic young naval officer surely must have believed he was the creator of his own fortune.

Dashing, courageous, honourable Killian Jones. Quite handsome to look at. Sailing for King and Country.

The sea giveth, the King takes away. (His brother Liam)
The Crocodile takes away. (The woman he loved)
But the NeverSeas that he is sailing now, as a man ever changing, continue to fuel and to nourish his rage for two-hundred years.

(Until all that is good, kind and honourable in Killian Jones is nearly consumed.)

One night, when he is driving a blade through his father’s flesh to please a black and red tyrant queen, the boy, the man and the pirate Killian Jones fall back into one again.

And the sea stays the same. His cruel-kind, forever whispering, merciful home.

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