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29 April 2016 @ 12:26 pm
Once upon a Time: Fan Vids  
Some older, more settled fandoms like Farscape or Doctor Who have always made it rather easy for me to find just the sort of fan video that I enjoy. Perhaps because of their well-established infrastructure, or perhaps because the respective age music taste of the vidders in question was a bit closer to my own, I figure.

However, over the last couple of days, I finally managed to track down and bookmark a few Once upon a Time vids that were striking a chord with me. I'm going to spare you the Captain Swan one, though, because I doubt anyone around in these spheres would be interested in this particular folly of mine.

Instead, have two more general vids, with a strong focus on the ensemble cast and earlier seasons.

Once I Was Real by Hurleybird, pure, beautifully edited S1 nostalgia, dealing with themes of identity and loss.

Seven Devils, by Jackie1609f. Of demons and fears. Powerful imagery matched by just the right song. This one is a  killer.

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